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Hello Dance Lovers,

Naatyagruha is all about Indian Classical Dance; a humble endeavour to promote Indian classical dancers, percussionists, dance groups and all related and are those who part of. All those who teach, practice, perform and enjoy Indian classical dance forms are invited to be part of Naatyagruha. Naatyagruha more or less function as a platform for everyone to share and showcase their interest in Indian classical dance forms.

Naatyagruha features handpicked videos on Bharthanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam and Kathak among other popular Indian classical dance forms. As a user, you have the option to rate the videos and post comments. You can also filter videos based on a number of attributes.

Naatyagruha will have an extensive list of dance institutes and artists. One can filter down these listing based on location, activities and much more. It also has lists of colleges and academic centers who offer Indian classical dance as a curriculum.

The User Forum on Naatyagruha will be open to all who want to discuss and find answers to topics and questions related to the subject. In coming days, you can see lot more activity and participation on the forum. This is a platform to get opinions, views, and advice. No matter whether you are a novice or an expert, all get a fair share of voice that will be heard and replied back at a point in time.

The features Naatyagruha has in store is extensive. Immerse in the Naatyagruha experience and we are sure you will enjoy being part of it.  Make sure that you are part of Naatyagruha by registering.

Dear Friends,
I am Seena Jay. Naatygruha is my dream comes true! Myself, I am a practitioner of Bharthanaatya. I was lucky to be trained by world renowned dancers. Moreover, from childhood, my dream was to become a dancer and nothing really made me “feel at home” except being part of my passion – Bharthanatyam.

For a few years now, an injury I had forced to stand away from performing a dance – a difficult time to face. It was my beloved family and friends who stood by me at this bad times and motivated to start something that I enjoy doing. Naatygruha is the result. When initially thought of having a platform to showcase primarily my performances, Naatygruha was nothing more than a regular blog. Thinking beyond myself, I found many of the deserving artists, who are far superior to me, not getting a platform due to their lack of knowledge of opportunities online. Thus Naatyagruha moved away from the epicenter of “ME-My Self” to an all-encompassing platform for all Indian classical dance lovers of the world!

Dedicating Naatyagruha the lovers and practitioners of Indian Classical Dance. Naatyagruha is all yours!

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Naatyagruha is a no-profit web portal. Huge investment in terms of money and effort is gone behind making such a website. Our core objective is to create something useful and beneficial to the Indian Classical dance community. However, maintaining such a portal involves huge costs in terms of server and management. If you enjoy browsing through Naatyagruha and would like to see it sustained, please consider a donation. Your donation will keep Naatyagruha going. If you represent a corporate or company, consider advertising in Naatyagruha to help us sustain. Please contact us if you wish to donate or advertise.

How you can be part of Naatyagruha!

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Over and above all the many ways you can be part and supportive to Naatyagruha, the simplest thing you can do is to enjoy the content of the website! Do come back, browse through the various sections of the website, be part of the forum discussions, spread the word with your friends…


Are you good at something? Do you write articles? Do you perform , teach? Do you sing? Are you good at music instruments? May be you are a good photographer! Or tell us what you are good at, we can help you promote yourself – just one condition, it has to be something related to or can be related Indian classical dance forms!

If you are a student or researcher, feature your papers or studies here. If you have written a book, showcase. The areas you can contribute to Naatyagruha are immense. So, go on and contribute to Naatyagruha.


A good way to express yourself, feature yourself and to promote yourself is by participating in various sections of Naatyagruha. Forums ( gives you immense opportunities to showcase the professional in you.

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