How Do Yoga Benefit the Dancers – Part 2

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Let’s resume from where we paused!

We were discussing the numerous benefits one may possess from the constant disciplinary practice of Yoga.

Recalling the previous factors, some of the benefits of Yoga that can help the dancers are stamina, strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and concentration. Other beneficial factors  are:


Carriage & Centre of Gravity: Now you might be wondering what that is. Here it is!

There are many postures and routines in Yoga such as Yogasanas which can aid a person to cultivate proper carriages and overcome physical uneasiness. Everyday we see many kids going to school with heavily loaded bag with books and this can lead to severe issues in the future such as back pain, hunchback etc. This can be easily solved through the practice of Yoga. The repeated practice of back bending postures such as Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana and Chakrasana and various other balancing poses done alternatively with the left and right sides can improve the balancing the centre of gravity of the physique. The different positions such as supine, prone, and the topsy turvy poses can result in the perfect positioning of the body while dancing.


Coordination: The slow practice of Suryanamaskar with emphasis on breathing and performance of various Pranayamas such as Vibhaga and Pranava Pranayamas helps to energise the entire system and aids in the overall coordination of the body in sync with one’s mind. A well-balance and coordination between left and right is of utmost importance for a dancer and this can be achieved through alternate nostril breathing Pranayamas such as Nadi Shuddhi and Loma Viloma as well as various other Jattis.


Stress & Relaxation: In the contemporary world, most of us are rushing about its our daily lives, with our mind a tangle of stressful mess. It is under such circumstances, practices such as Yoga can benefit most of us. Yoga is a disciple that can provide a lot of solace in terms of stress reduction. Dancers face a lot of stress normally, in terms of preparation for performances and high expectations of the teachers, friends, relatives and the audience. Critics and other writers also tend to increase the pressures on the dancer. This can affect the mind and body of the dancer adversely and its impact can be reduced in many ways through Yoga. ‘Stress Relievers’ from Hatha Yoga and Jnana Yoga are of immense benefit in relieving bottled up emotions and tempering our reactions to stressful situations which might come handy in various occasions.

And now, one of the most significant advantages of Yoga for everyone alike and that is:

Right Attitude: Yoga has often been remarked as a healthy ‘Way of Life’. This Yogic ‘way of life’ stresses its emphasis on having right thought, right action, right reaction and right attitude.

“To have the will to change that which can be changed, the strength to accept that which can not be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference”

The philosophy and lifestyle of Yoga makes a dancer strong minded enough to confront any hurdles in life. Classical dance in ancient times was associated with high levels of moral and ethical codes of behaviour which the contemporary dance lacks. The modern day dance world has gone a long way astray from such ideals and the Yogic values such as Yama and Niyama can go a long way in bringing back such ideals into the world of dance again. This will stimulate modern dancers to have a second look at their decadent life styles and try to change for the better because the regular practice of Yoga can lower metal, physical and emotional stress. Isn’t it always a better choice to go back to where we belonged when it is more righteous and sacred that what we have now?

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